Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I was thinking of seeing the Wicker Man and I thought I'd better check. No wonder I couldn't find anything. Tomatometer - 13 very rotten. Except for V For Vendetta, the best movies I've seen at theaters this year have been documentaries. Oops, forgot about Little Miss Sunshine.

Joe Leydon's review of the The Wicker Man:
When a major studio release with two Oscar-winning stars opens without press previews, one assumes the distrib is trying to hide the pic from critics. In the case of Neil LaBute's remake of "The Wicker Man," however, it's entirely possible that Warners indeed wanted to conceal a ludicrous misfire from auds as well. Once derisive word of mouth starts to spread, only connoisseurs of high camp and curious devotees of disasters will be queuing up at the box office.

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