Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tea bags going upscale

Even Lipton will introduce new long leaf tea bags in addition to the low grade "dust" bags it now uses.

Tea’s Got a Brand New Bag - New York Times

I like tea and tisane although my method of making it isn't for purists. Set aside a 4-cup coffee maker just for tea. Or use it for both if you clean it well between tea and coffee. This is for teabags and don't use a coffee filter unless it is metallic to ensure all the oils come through.

Real tea makers demand the English method with a teapot to hold boiling water and the tea and also timing depending on the variety. Using loose tea and two teapots to strain out the tea is a good method for correct timing. Green and white teas should be very hot but not boiling while black teas need the boiling temperature. Most herbal teas, tisanes, need boiling water and steeping for up to twenty minutes.

A full Japanese tea ceremony, Chaji, has other ritual elements - more details.

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