Thursday, September 07, 2006

WorldCon 2006 - Update 2.02

I reorganized this by cutting and pasting for those just joining us, newer links at the bottom.

Lots of reports in blogs showing up in searches now. A report from a new agent.

>Begin original...

Fans are getting back home now.

Political Animal returns.

Wired News: WorldCon 2006

Blog Coverage and here and here.

Con Blog and Google went to the Con.

A typical experience.

Bookblogger - short.

Spin best novel

2006 Award winners and vote breakdowns. Comments.

The ApolloCon GOH won a Hugo for the short story "Two Hearts". Read it now.

Biggest controversy - Harlon Ellison grabbed one of Connie Willis's breasts at the Awards show. He has always been a pig who should have been neutered 55 years ago.

I may expand this with some local fan updates or at least links later. I should also note that DragonCon, usually the biggest SF Con, is this coming weekend.

> Begin updates:

Neil Gaiman withdrew Anansi Boys from consideration and was at a cool wedding the week before.

David Edelman shows name dropping and lack of public speaking skills.

More details available on Ellison's asinine behavior. Connie Willis made either an angry or funny comment about it at the closing ceremonies and may have been angry in a Locus interview not published yet.

Many comments and blogs about the incident. Demon With a Crass Hand is the best summary with many links. That plays on one of Harlon's titles but I would have expected something using The Glass Teat. Someone made a comment that Ellison need to learn how to say I'm sorry. More photos.

Added the Steve Jackson blog.

Ellison statement on tit grab incident. Fans respond to Ellison.

THE LAST UPDATE? - The last word on Ellison. Or this from a new SF writer.

Angry Black Woman at the WorldCon

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