Sunday, December 31, 2006

Best Movies of 2006

Amy Biancolli proves why she is my favorite film reviewer.

At least she did not have Borat on this list.

Best movies of 2006 weren't the big productions.
By and large, 2007's big movies didn't impress me much. Babel was bombastic. Flags of Our Fathers lacked focus. Apocalypto, for all its vivid story-telling, made me sick to my eviscerated stomach.

Where does that leave me? Let's see ... with two bizarro science-fiction entries, two 9/11 movies, two intense chamber dramas, a gangland epic, a documentary, a glitzy musical and a bemused, bewitching swan song from one of the cinema's great directors. That should do it. For me, anyway; the rest of you have some movies to catch up on.

1. The Departed
I am surprised A Scanner Darkly made the list, which I thought I would have liked better. Perhaps my seeing it with someone who hadn't read the book and wasn't impressed affected my judgment.

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Reel Fanatic said...

Though I'll stand by my strong support for Babel, I think her's is a darn good list of the best flicks of 2006 ... I don't think the critical love for Scorsese will finally land him that big Best Picture Oscar, but I've been told I've been wrong at least once before