Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Where to get Music now.

BitTorrent and Limeware for pirated music, videos and software is still around. uTorrent is a popular new client.

The best 100% legal site is eMusic, where you end up paying about a quarter a song for unrestricted MP3s but the major labels avoid it. In trying that site you get 50 songs free. If you like more obscure music or are knowledgeable about what independents you like this is highly recommended. It would be more popular except that you pay by how many songs you want to download per month.

Other major legal sites are approximately $1.00 per song - WalMart online is a bit cheaper. There is a lease model where as long as you pay a monthly service charge you can play the music on your devices.

Wired has a good summary of the plans. For discussion of the free file sharing services and the popularity of the various clients see Zeropaid. Most of the peer to peer (P2P) and file sharing services are slowly going legit.

Here is someone who shares his top 25 albums of 2006 and offers two MP3s off of each album. Unfortunately, I don't share his taste in music. I sometimes like the Salon free downloads.

Artists have consented to free downloads of Christmas holiday songs. You can try downloads.com too.


Adam said...

I prefer FrostWire to LimeWire ;) It's based from the same application, but is free, and open source, without the DRM that LimeWire, LLC is supposidely going to add to filter out copyprotected downloads.

rjnagle said...

Good linksfest. You forget the Chronicle's download site .

Believe it or not, they offer a lot of free mp3s from local bands. Unfortunately their website makes these mp3s by bands nearly impossible to find/download. But they're there. There are a few band with two or three free downloads each.

I've toyed with the idea of writing individual bands and asking for permission to distribute songs they've already agreed to distribute on chronicle site for free.

Gary said...

Wow, the Chronicle sure keeps that a secret. I had read Handstamp blog and some of their music reviews and had no idea they had mp3 downloads hidden anywhere.