Wednesday, December 13, 2006

YouTube - White & Nerdy

Updated wording, added OT.

"Weird Al" Yankovic's new music video demonstrates a great deal of true nerdy knowledge.

This was the big hit at the SF Christmas Party. Not entirely SF - there were a number of members of Houston's Atheist community there, some SF groups in big attendance other years weren't that represented this year. The Party? Not a big turnout ~40?, a bit too cold for an unheated studio but I don't know if that was the turnout problem.

Some of the things which were were enjoyed by all were the conversations, The Librarian first movie, but not the second, and Animusic has always been a hit and this year was a new one.

For the second year in a row games were a total flop. Last year the one four-player game played of San Juan had to be ended when a new player didn't have the rules clearly explained. This year one game of Blokus was played with three players, only game played, and I didn't insist on adding the fourth color when Pat objected and so everyone won. Maybe I should make that the new tradition - what game will we screw up and not play right.

Pat's large discount raspberry cheesecake was very good but not as good as the turtle cheesecake she brought to another party. At the last minute, coming from the movie, I brought both hot and regular chopped small sausages in a honey BBQ sauce - OK, it was cheaper little smokies, but a brought a lot.

OT and probably belongs in my Civ game blog - I finally have an idea of what to do for new rules for SM CIV the BG. Simplify all production and technology advancement rules and concentrate on it as a war game, and add some simple rule so the person(s) most behind can catch up. Came to me while looking at a large set of toy special forces soldiers and planes at a 99 cent store. They even have flags like the game. Someone else had a project for 99 cent store toy soldiers for this reason.

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