Friday, January 12, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth - Amy Biancolli
Disney might tell us otherwise, but children understand the menace that lurks in a fairy tale. Pan's Labyrinth plays with dark magic, a hideous enchantment spun with grief and torment. It is emotionally devastating and sensuously rich: Details are as sharp as the ching of a straight-edge razor, as strange as the squeal of a magic root. Del Toro enters Ofelia's world with eyes wide open, his vision delirious with fear.


rjnagle said...

Oddly enough, I saw it last night. It was nothing special. It was evocative, but it tried to weave historical cruelty with mythical wonder. It had moments, but the bad guy was pretty one-dimensional. Also, it seemed captivated by its own special effects.

I have to admit the ending caught up offguard though. It's a nice antidote to Disney blandness, but as a story, it was excessive and made me squeamish at times.

RC said...

i certainly look forward to seeing this looks like such a rich tale.