Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why writers like hardback book buyers.

I actually read his novel Elantris. He will hate me. Not only was it in paperback it was from the Houston Innerloop Media Exchange Club and I didn't pay anything.

First line: "PRINCE Raoden of Arelon awoke early that morning, completely unaware that he had been damned for all eternity..."

The novel seemed more an allegory that I was missing the point of and toward the last third of the book he threw in things not foreshadowed to speed the story along. Some poor dialogue and plotting didn't help. Read the more critical comments at Amazon. Still, it was different. The media exchange failed to infect me which is the purpose of my belonging to the groups. To infect others with writers you like and get infected with new addictions.


Brandon Sanderson said...

Hey, give me a little credit. I do believe I mentioned in that rant that I don't care HOW people read my books, I'm just happy when they do. (I'm of course happy when people pay me for them. :) However, the reading's the important part.)

Sorry the novel didn't work for you. Different books for different folks, I guess.


Gary said...

I don't really read much fantasy, Pratchatt and the big mass media one's excepted, so I am not the target audience. It was different, which is a virtue in my book.

Brandon Sanderson said...

Pratchett is more a force than an individual. You don't get a genius like that in the genre very often.

Of course, he's grown a lot since the early days of his writing career. Give me a couple decades, and maybe I'll be writing at his level. Who knows.

Thanks for reading.