Thursday, February 15, 2007

ApolloCon 2007 - Houston, Texas

ApolloCon 2007 - Houston, Texas: Iron Director Contest

Can you make a Science Fiction, Horror and/or Fantasy movie in two days?

Then you might want to check that link out.

The big art show is sold out already for dealers.

Fantasy and SF writer and costumer C.S. Friedman is guest of honor. I hadn't heard of her and her books don't sound like my thing.

ApolloCon is Houston, Texas' fan-run science fiction, fantasy and horror conference. They are currently planning the fourth con, which will take place June 22 through June 24, 2007. Expect 400 - 500 attendees near IAH. Guests are writers and editors, artists and scientists, musicians, actors, game creators, filkers and fans.

David Hartwell will be the new editor guest of honor. He was interviewed on Coast-to-Coast AM, Houston's, and the nations, favorite late night radio show in 2004. I consider Coast to Coast AM often science fiction and fantasy for the masses.

Jeff Sturgeon is the artist GoH but many artists attend as well as science fiction and fantasy related vendors.

There is a flyer here.

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