Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sex In Space

Have astronauts ever had sex in space? - By Christopher Beam - Slate Magazine

An actual good article on this in Slate not taken from the NASA PR department. Analog had the first story discussing this which referenced the "order of the porpoise," apparently now called "the three dolphins club," because of the difficulty of getting a couple to stick together and not bounce apart without an extra partner. The Straight Dope, normally a smart and reliable source, had a brain fart and instead went to the NASA PR department for answers.

I had an unpublished story of a Mohawk Indian involved in constructing a space station and marrying and the array of bungee chords, elastic belts, ropes and other devices he ends of rigging for their honeymoon suite. You need places to grab on or for leverage unless you just do it in a tight sleeping bag.

NASA, and JPL, is just very uncomfortable with the topic of Sex in Space as the author of a recent book with that title found out. Her JPL book signing was cancelled and the books pulled from the bookstore.

Snopes debunks the Internet fake NASA report on an experiment.

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