Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Eurovision Song of the Year Winner

A surprising non-flashy quirky choice that most people couldn't even understand the words to the song. Until she actually won many nationalists in Serbia thought it was a conspiracy she was doing so well. This seems to involve elements of distracting Serbia from the Kosovo independence, Western European fixation on her Roma (gypsy) background, and her rumored lesbianism.

YouTube - Marija Serifovic - Molitva / Prayer

This pop song contest is known for picking talented quirky winners. ABBA got their start as a winner. Most winners do have more camp and kitsch and over-the-top productions with hummable tunes.

I like it. The next three top finishers were at least partly in English. Voting seemed to favor Eastern Europe.

The number two song is very different.

A music video version of the 3rd most popular Russian song.

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rjnagle said...

I had watched about 10-15 songs before I settled on Turkey as my choice for winner. I did not however listen to Serbia's, which was beautiful and understated. Really, we should have a eurovision american style; but this time each state sends their own representative. It would be a fun idea. Unfortunately, most of us remain ignorant about regional tastes in American music.

BTW, your other comment: yes, we should find an excuse to meet sometime. It would be fun.