Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Updates connected with my PC

Been spending quite a bit of time updating the old PC.

The first thing was purchasing an external hard drive. I was out of room on my hard drive and have a few projects that require more space. I purchased a FreeAgent 250 gig drive for under a hundred dollars at Best Buy and recommend it. The only holdup was how long it took to create a complete backup of my PC hard drive on it which is the fault of the backup system I used. I debated not doing a traditional backup but just keeping a copy of the PC files on FreeAgent but decided I needed to get back into good BU practices.

I also rigged the TV/VCR/DVD system in the den again so it will actually record TV shows and movies. My nephew keeps occasionally taking it apart. I still need to move the TV stand from my bedroom to the den, not for the huge projection TV for the other devices, and replace the stand with another chest of drawers for my bedroom.


Finally I decided to get a wheel/scroll mouse working again on my PC. I love scroll mice but gave up on them for this PC years ago because they would always quite working with the cursor jumping all over the screen and randomly opening and closing screen, taskbar and start bar objects. I downloaded the latest Logitech drivers and started. Within a short time the wheel mouse does what it always did - go crazy. After cleaning the registry several times to remove all traces of other optical and wireless mice I had tried over the years I finally found the secret. Remove the Logitech software and drivers which just seems incompatible with Windows XP and my PC. Revert to the simplest Microsoft mouse driver with the wheel option. This was hinted at on help forums and at Logictech but I will explicitly state it - ignore the Logictech drivers which are not needed and use the basic Microsoft drivers.

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