Friday, June 01, 2007

Boing Boing: Amazing mystery of the new AACS key leak, and misc.

The new key is out to unlock new movies with an amusing story from Cory. I loaned out his Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom yesterday at the InnerLoop Book Xchange. We now meet at Hobbit Cafe, which has the best herbal ice teas and guacamole and homemade bread. The worst problem with the Hobbit Cafe is the parking, unless you are lucky park on the street away from any no parking sign.

I finished the trilogy of Jack Chalker's Quintara Marathon this morning. Space opera with religious speculations with same basic plot and characters as his other books. I give book one 1.5 stars, book 2 one star and the final book 2.5 stars because it had a decent ending. Maybe someone could take the final 100 pages and rewrite them, and rewrite the whole story in one book to get you to that point. His best work was his earliest, he died of congested heart failure two years ago. Bio - interview. I was hoping to finish all the trilogy in time for the meeting to return them to Clift bu missed by 40 pages.

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