Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Going Blue

I just upgraded my phone to an MP3 player by adding a microSD 2 gig chip and the needed multi-card memory reader adaptor for my PC. This worked so well I went to Verizon to upgrade my LG VX-8300 cell phone to the newer software and picked up a bluetooth wireless stereo headset for it. Wow. I can listen to music and when a call comes in the headphones automatically stop the music and broadcast the call. Simple controls on the headphones work both the phone and the mp3 player.

I am not totally pleased with the phone upgrade - I liked the retro graphic equalizer display the phone had before when playing MP3s. Too bad I needed it to get all the memory from my 2 gig MicroSD and for the wireless stereo headphones.

This is so great. I need to get more bluetooth devices for my PC and the TV to hear them thru the headphones. (I am growing hard of hearing and the rest of my family gets annoyed at the sound volume I need or subtitles.)

As good As I think this is Business 2.0 thinks this is only the beginning. New Bluetooth specs. will make it easier and faster for everyone to connect wirelessly.

Wireless Music now - REM : Losing My Religion
Simon and Garfunkel : Bright Eyes
Bob Dylan : Hurricane

Mood - Happy.

Added - Verizon did not have the less geeky looking S9 stereo headphones but I am still happy with my choice.

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