Thursday, June 14, 2007

What Can You Do At ApolloCon?

Program Schedule - June 22 - 24 - ApolloCon 2007 - Houston, Texas. Science and more fantasy and SF topics and creative fun activities than you can shake a light saber or rune staff at.

More fun - The Costume Masquerade - (I need photos from last year); the Less than 48 hour film contest; Gaming - including miniatures, RPG, Live action role-playing, board games, Pirates of the Caribbean Liar's Dice games with up to 13 people, Risk 2210, and video gaming; Art Show and auctions; an incredible dealer's room; a writer's workshop; get to know Houston area clubs; filk singing and live music; participating in live audio comedy-dramas; meet writers, artists, scientists, singers, editors and fans; and the late-night parties.

Here is a strange art card sheet of photos from the last ApolloCon.

Lots of fun, still cheap, in Houston by the Intercontinental airport.

Did I mention there is a lot of intelligent, creative, hot women there? Maybe you can run into them and not make as big a fool of yourself as I usually do.

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