Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Aquarium Blues

There are a lot of things to learn about setting up a fish tank that doesn't kill your fish. Here a newbie himself guides you through the ammonia, nitrite, nitrate cycles and other stuff you should know.

I have found there are hundreds of small fish in the ditch/bayou/drainage system by a cemetery near me and am thinking of starting a native fish tank. Besides large schools of mosquito fish and mollies there are one or two other varieties I think. Amazing since this is now a paved drainage system.

Very similar to the mollies in Florida but would be rare here is the American-Flag fish. Perhaps the other schools I saw here were young bream. I saw one dark small fish that darted and hid in a rock pile when it saw me on the bank. It may have been some type of darter or goby (it reminded me of a dark brown colored tropical bumblebee goby.)

Here is someone who set up a tank with Florida freshwater fish along with a few tropicals. He later moved the bluegill into a larger tank, again with tropicals. The page includes movies.

The local Houston Livebearers Association is having a safari this weekend to possibly catch "mollies, killifish (including the southern most natural population of Fundulus chrysotus), stonerollers, darters, sunfish, catfish, silversides, minnows, shad, cichlids, gars, etc."

Added - Got a tropical fish problem?


Carl said...

The right aquarium information, advice is always VERY important to keeping a successful aquarium. Unfortunately there is a lot of anecdotal information floating around in both stores and even more so on the internet.
After running a large aquarium maintenance business in LA for 27 years, I was never surprised by what passed for so-called aquarium advice.

Gary said...