Thursday, July 12, 2007

Potter Mania and Bad Days and Good Books

I tried to see the new Harry Potter movie at its midnight opening. Our local suburban cinema had two midnight showings scheduled. On Tuesday they upped it to three. I got off from work in time and went to the nearby Taco Cabana for a steak fajita cabana bowl and took my time. When I went back to the car where I had left my phone I had a message I had walked off with the truck keys. I thought I had made sure I had given them back with the other keys. I got back right before midnight at the theater after going to Baytown and back to see a packed parking lot but no one standing in line. That was OK, the last show was scheduled for 12:15. But, of course, all three showings had sold out with Potter 5 on the way to a record opening.

I wouldn't have had the truck keys except I couldn't find my keys when it came time to leave and borrowed the keys to get the slim jim out to check my car. (They had actually fallen out of my pocket elsewhere.) This followed almost being late to work because I have lost my regular glasses. I still have my other pair I bought at the same time.

I guess you might think I have been distracted. Yes - Peter Hamilton's Pandora' Star and Judas Unchained, a huge fast moving space opera with at about 1,000 pages each volume. This is the type of book you stay up all night reading and discover you are less than half done and with another volume to go.

Music - from one of my Pandora Radio stations - Paul Simon Late in the Evening.

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