Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sony E-book Reader for $50

Robert informs us here and here about the Sony reader offer along with other good links. We appear set for a wave of good electronic book readers this year and next. With The New York Times now available in portable electronic format, as well as phone text, the future appears to be now. The next gen of electronic paper displays is closer to making newspapers obsolete.

“E-books could become like audiobooks, perhaps 6-8% of the total book market in 3-5 years. Apple may accelerate that, but it won’t slow it down." The reference to Apple is to the new iPhone with a very good easy to use reader display albeit very small and rumors of other Apple devices/readers in development.

What to read on your e-book? How about free classic science fiction including nearly all of H. Beam Piper. Learn Esperanto.

With 1 gig of micromemory going for $10 retail and sharp usable displays how near are we to the singularity?

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