Friday, September 28, 2007

Eclectic Bad Taste

I have mentioned before that I have both eclectic and bad taste in music. Do a contest for America's worst pop songs and they are probably favorites of mine. Here's one list. Wow some of those top ten are really bad even for me.

Putting this to the test - Amanda Marcotte was doing a Friday random 10 post from your music shuffle.

Here is what my phone with the two gig memory card I use for an camera/Ipod came up with.

I have eclectic (bad) taste.

From my 2 gig mostly mp3 card in my cheap Verizon LG phone:

The Mediaeval Babes - Undrentide
Enrique Iglesias - Hero
Sarah McLachlan - I will remember you
Toto - 99
John Popper - Regarding Steven
Enya - Lazy Days
John Cougar - I need a lover (who won't drive me crazy)
Cars - Drive
Willie Nelson - Georgia on my Mind
Elton John - Solar Prestige A Gammon

Bonus track
Lena Horne - The Lady is a Tramp

That was a better random than what is on my PC I suppose.

Some pictures from my phone camera are here and here.

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