Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Globalization of Sushi

In the Korean movie I just watched a high school student came home and watched her father make a large batch of sushi for then and later.

We have two fairly good Chinese Buffets that have acceptable but not great sushi here in Southern suburbia. I haven't checked the strip center Japanese place that I have heard mixed reports on.

Katherine Mangu-Ward at Reason looks into the spread of sushi around the world. Sushi started out as popular fast food before it turned more elegant. Sushi actually refers to the vinegar rice.
Chowhounders who fret about lost authenticity or lament the commercialization of cuisine should think again. There is no such thing as authentic sushi, and there never has been. There was no moment when sushi was purely traditional. And tuna and avocado rolls taste a heck of lot better than a cask of semi-rotten whitefish packed with rice.

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