Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Houston Press Food Blogs

Recently their series on what $13 gets you featured Kim Son on Jefferson. This was the first Vietnamese I really liked and last time I went it seemed to have gotten over its MSG curse of several years.

Robb Walsh also checks out the first Taco Bell in Monterrey. Robb was quoted favorably in the recent New York Times article on Tex-Mex.

It is hard to pin down experts and restaurateurs as to what happened to Mexican food when it crossed the border. The best explanation is perhaps the most inelegant: it got cheesier, chili-er and meatier.

“Cal-Mex is long on burritos and sour cream,” Mr. Walsh said. “In New Mexico, it’s all about green chilies, and in Arizona they are proud to have invented chimichangas — deep-fried burritos. The embodiment of Tex-Mex is a cheese enchilada with gravy.”

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