Saturday, December 22, 2007

Movies, Movies, Movies

Legal differences have been resolved - Peter Jackson to make two-part *The Hobbit* picture, as executive producer not director.

*Inkheart*, the movie based on the German young adult fantasy, now has a release date in March and a trailer is out. I have the sequel InkSpell but this is not high on my list of things to get to right away. The trailer looks better than the book which is slow moving.

Other films coming soon -
Speed Racer looks good in a brightly-colored video-game way,
Iron Man, trailers of the suit have not looked good.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (May, 2008) a Blockbuster.
Jumper (Feb 14 - loosely based on the YA SF novel by Steven Gould.)
Hellboy 2 - I saw Hellboy on cable, much better than I expected.

Trailers coming soon for Indy4, Batman the Dark Knight and the Star Trek with big movie stars.

Further off movies:
X-Men Origins: Wolverine, directed by Peter Jackson.
Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins
G.I. Joe.

Which movie do you want to see over the holidays based on the following reviews?

"If you are looking for a dramatic, funny serial killer movie with lots of blood and do not mind lots of singing, then this movie is perfect for you."

"An out-of control, boozing, womanizing Democratic politician funds Osama Bin Ladin and becomes a Republican hero."

"Last Man on Earth has no trouble getting tee times."

"Even the veggies wanna be parrots, arg!, pirates."

"Hopping from the loo to the loch with kid in tow."

"Colorado town has a really bad problem with illegal aliens."

"Missing diary pages holds secrets to U.S. mint for man who doesn't need the money."

"Musical trio produces one of the all-time scariest movies about the music industry."

"Mockumentary produces one of the all-time scariest movies about the music industry."

So, which one do you want to go to, punk?

PS, I've been told the best part of one of them isn't in the movie but preceeds it. "The best part is a Goofy cartoon that is running ahead of it. About choosing and installing a home theater system, it is packed full of side-splitting humor. As Goofy wanders through a Best Buy-like store, he professes genuine love when he comes upon a large screen TV set with images that are three times life size."

My most want to watch seems to end 30 minutes too soon and has a big lie at the heart.

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