Monday, January 14, 2008

When you have too many books or whatever

Scott Esposito has a list.

  • You have more than one book on helping you cope with having lots of books

  • None of them are read

  • You earnestly believe you will one day finish your TBR pile (note: denial is a hallmark of addiction)

  • You have purchased more than one copy of War and Peace (Proust, Don Quixote, etc) under the logic that you "want to compare the translations"

  • You awake from one of those dreams where you try to run but
    don't get anywhere to find yourself on your couch with a cup of steaming coffee in one hand and a book from the TBR pile in the other

  • You're bothered that your local bookstore doesn't put books on remainder quickly enough to keep up with you

  • You gleefully post pictures of your unread books on the internet

  • There are stacks of books in your bathroom

  • You stacked them there "temporarily" six months ago

  • Books have replaced everyday objects in your house. For example: After setting the tea kettle down on an old paperback to keep it from burning the piece of partacle-board you have placed on top of several stacks of books, you walk over and sit down on some cushions you have arranged atop several boxes of books and recline with a new purchase from your local indie.

  • You rationalize "With eBay, how can I afford not to buy so many books?"

Several people add one more - When you sell your furniture to pay the shipping costs for your books when you move cross-country.

Link from Robert Nagle. He might want to check out, although I haven't really started posting my books there.

OrangeCd Catalog is a program that catalogs your music, (CD's, Albums, Mp3's, etc) similar to LibraryThing. has similar software for more stuff. has a section that allows you to keep track of your games.

My brother is looking at book lofts for storage in the rafters.

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rjnagle said...

ahem, I already have . btw, great onion piece on books.