Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Can't We All Just Get Along?

The history of the California Burrito.

It was good. A bit crunchy, and too lukewarm. But I could relate to it. Brown rice and white beans and lettuce and avocado and barley and radishes and salsa ... there was something tremendously integrated about it. I took another bite, and another after that. Now I'd reached the lentils and tofu sour cream and pinto beans and carrots. Carrots in a burrito! I can't say I fully approved of this, but like I said, I was in a kind of crazy mood. And in this mood I suddenly understood the California Burrito. Inclusiveness was the philosophy. Foods have to learn to get along in the California Burrito, just like people have to learn to get along. It was like a political statement, with guacamole on the side.

I ended up eating a California Burrito every night for the rest of my stay in Berkeley. I returned home a changed person. (Begin here.)

The Aerocivic : Ugly as Sin, But Hey - It Gets 95 MPG

Just a wee bit of work with the aluminum, Coroplast and Lexan and you can more than double your mileage. But some people won't like your car's looks.

The Standard Top Ten Green Cars in America

Toyota Prius is only number two.

GM, which doesn't make the list, has one of their lead honchos call Global Climate Change "a crock of s$%t." GM had gotten with Bush and with China to fund more research on their hydrogen cars. These won't be ready for decades and according to leading climate researchers and other economists will not reduce CO2 emissions when the entire conversion and transportation process is considered.

Isn’t belief in evolution also a matter of faith?
Acceptance of evolution is not the same as a religious belief. Scientists’ confidence about the occurrence of evolution is based on an overwhelming amount of supporting evidence gathered from many aspects of the natural world. To be accepted, scientific knowledge has to withstand the scrutiny of testing, retesting, and experimentation. Evolution is accepted within the scientific community because the concept has withstood extensive testing by many thousands of scientists for more than a century.

HD_DVD is dead, long live Blu-Ray.

Netflix to increase Blu-Ray disks

Pakistan killed You-Tube Worldwide for two hours.

Anti-Depressant drugs don't work for most people. Almost same effect as placebo unless severe depression. Researchers had to use drug tests companies tried to hide to complete study.

Are Americans So Bored With Reality Television They'd Put a Black Islamic Extremist in the White House? (This is a parody site - satire. It isn't true.)

Stuff White People Like.

Doesn't look like we can.

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