Saturday, March 01, 2008

Watchmen to have Pirate Anime

The long awaited Watchmen movie, now due 3.06.09, based on the graphic novel (huge spoilers at link) of an alternate world with real costumed vigilantes/adventurers and one super-hero will incorporate the Pirate subplot on the DVD.

In this world, comics didn't develop as media vehicles for super-heroes because real costumed heroes existed so comics became books for pirate tales. The comic within the comic, Tales Of The Black Freighter, is being done as an animated short on the movie DVD.

Watchmen won a Hugo Award in 1988 in the odd category of Other Forms. The World Science Fiction Cons have not repeated that category and have ignored graphic novels since then. Some have speculated that the resentment of some prominent SF writers who lost in this category, and resentment of SF writers in general against another art form, was partly responsible.

A significant percentage of Hugo voters do not believe the award should be given to fantasy works despite the long tradition that it is.

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