Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pasadena fire leaves hundreds homeless

KHOU TV with video:
An entire section of the Compton Court Apartments was consumed by fire. And it was chaos trying to get everyone out.

Police and apartment staff scrambled to alert residents.

"They were beating on doors,” said Tinisha Joseph, who rushed to safety. "My shoes are in the closet. I didn't have time to grab anything."

She's not alone.

As many as 50 families’ residences were destroyed and the entire complex was evacuated. Far more are impacted by the blaze because the power to the entire complex was shut off, so the remaining 500 units were also unlivable Friday night.
Pat and Charles worked the apartment fire for the Red Cross through the night.

Houston Chronicle, which was also the picture source.

Pasadena Citizen.

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