Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Latest Reason to dislike Best Buy

My computer is dead with no output to the display so I take it to them, reluctantly, to figure out what's wrong. After days with their trained diagnostic technicians I am told to pick it up.

"Your computer is dead."
"Yeah, I told you that when I brought it in."
"We can't tell why it is dead because your motherboard is dead."
"I knew if it wasn't the video display card or a lose connection it was the motherboard."
"You were right."
"Can I take the $74 I paid you to look at it as credit toward another computer?"
"So I need a new computer or a replacement motherboard."
"Yeah, but good luck finding that motherboard - maybe Fry's."

I had a choice of taking this to a person operating out of her house I knew nothing about or Best Buy. Next time I would take it to anyone else instead.

Best Buy does not have a good costumer service record, old reports but nothing has changed, and in particular you do not want Best Buy extended warranties - mostly recent reports.

You can also check IHateBestBuy and BestBuySux, sorry forced down, see the over 1,000 RipOff Reports instead, and BBB's around the country. Check with your local BBB for what information they give out.

Ripoff Reports is a site to be added to your bookmarks, companies respect them and they will go to court to keep information up. In fact, you can only update your report and not take it down because frequently company lawyers will try to get you to remove information for refunds.

As a former electronics salesperson I knew going in that Best Buy could easily be a mistake - but $74 to do what I did and say good luck on fixing that is a bit much.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I had a problem with BB, must've been one of those 1000, and 2 weeks after I posted my report, I got a call from them to fix my problem. So, yeah, I think companies read ROR to see what's being said. It's in their best interest. I had been battling with BB for over a month to get them to fix my account, but when ripoff report got involved, they finally listened. Totally worth writing the report.