Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks restaurant.com and chaining

A few people and sites have noticed you can use Restaurant.com discounts to get $25 gift certificates to local restaurants for $3. Go to restaurants.com. On the gift page buy $25 Gift Certificate(s) for $10 to restaurant.com entering THANKS thru Nov 30 as a discount code. You get those for $3 each. Check back in and use those to purchase gift coupons to local restaurants for yourself or as gifts. Update - someone says I could have avoided a step and just used THANKS on the restaurant gift certificates.

This is similar to chaining, a technique I used Saturday in playing the hot new card game Dominion at San Jacinto College game night. I narrowly lost the first game and then won 3 others by chaining draw cards and more actions cards. The other tip is buying silver and gold cards. I also have great luck with the militia card. A good card for you (+2 coins) and it screws the other players.

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