Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Watchable TV is back

After a long dry spell Friday Night Lights and BattleStar Galactica returns. On TV series that is about all I watch on networks now, except for news and The Daily Show - which is more factual and informative than some of the news. I should watch Bones and House but rarely do. Maybe Dollhouse will make it on to my schedule. I do sometimes watch SCI FI Network Friday night but mainly because a group of people meet at a real good coffee house to view it. I almost rented checked out the Sarah Jane Chronicles from the library to catch up with any episodes I may have missed, yesterday.

I take TV by spells, maybe BBC America will start something that both catches my fancy and has a schedule I will remember. They are rerunning the Dr. Who season 4 final episodes 9 through 13 now. I missed a couple of those.

Here are some full SF Network episodes online - check out Eureka as well as BG. also has a lot of episodes and specials for you to "Catch the Frak Up" for free.

SF Signal has some more interesting tube bits.

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