Thursday, March 19, 2009

Short takes

The Hugo Award Nominations are out

My favorite book was not nominated - Nation by Terry Pratchett. It has won a younng adult book and an audio book award.

Real good movie review of The Watchmen by another Cheryl Morgan.

Swoopoo is more like gambling than an auction site. This discussion is old and prices have changed but makes some very valid points. Yes, there are a few people getting very good deals but the site is making tons of money by charging for the entertainment of bidding in the gamble you will be the last one to bid. There are also a number of suspicious bidders who are spending much more than items are worth just on the number of bids they make.

I've been working on converting the poor game Sid Meier's Civilization - The Board Game into Civilization - Alien Invasion. The preliminary version of the rules is done and I have set it aside for more thinking and play testing. It combines the player turn wheel of Imperial with the theme of Invasion of the Air Eaters with the battle resolution of combined arms. If I could work cards into it I would be covering all the recent game themes.

I am going to buy Tichu - the card game. Great game related to some Chinese card games. Some basic strategy.

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