Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Endorsement - Thrift Drain Cleaner

If you have a stopped or slow drain there is one product that really works.

Go to a plumbing supply store and ask for Thrift Drain Cleaner. It was developed for septic tanks but works fantastic and quickly on all drain problems caused by the build-up of hair, grease and soap scum. It works much better and faster than the draining products you see in stores.

One warning, it requires HOT water. Using the "hot" tap water from our energy efficient setting caused the product to barely work - some foaming and results only like the store products. Using NEAR BOILING water heated on the stove or microwave and then poured in the drain causes the product to explode with foaming action.

Be very careful when using HOT water. This is a professional product, be very careful with very hot water.

To order online you can try here. You can also check Ebay if your plumbing dealer doesn't have it on sale to individuals.

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