Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sci-Fi related

Been looking at my calendar and decided I would really like to go to Armadillo Con. I like Austin and less than one con a month isn't too much to ask work is it? Except that at the end of summer it is really 3 Cons in just over a month.

I have the UnCon game convention at San Jac.

Next is Apollo Con with games and movie making and writing madness.

I hope I can squeeze in Armadillo Con. I love Austin and would love to go to a Con there. If I count the Texas Democratic Convention as a science fiction, fantasy, and game con that was my last Austin Con.

Labor Day but not Labor Day game UnCon at San Jac - post from last year.

Then Fen Con - where I gave tickets to Pat and Glenda. Lois McMaster Bujold - enuff said.

Great line-up, except that does look like 3 cons in around 30 days in there.

Been thinking of Bob Tucker and filk songs. Here is a link to lyrics of a filk about Bob Tucker's Nieces.

I need to start communications with Apollo Con people. Since I have moved to the wilds of far distannt Galveston Bay shore La Porte I don't get involved in the Houston meetings. Some games I want to bring and a few other things.

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