Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eating Houston

FredEatsHouston is another blog about eating and living in metro Houston. Lots of observations about the restaurants and scene in The Heights and to a lesser extend Montross and other areas.

There are a number of Houston eating sites as the area is the most varied and inexpensive restaurant cities in the country. Allison Cook and Robb Walsh are essential in the old tree media - links are to their blogs.

What else - how about the top 5 BBQ places in Texas according to the Texas Monthly this year.

Snow's BBQ. 516 Main Street, Lexington, 979-773-4640
Louie Mueller BBQ. 206 W. 2nd Street, Taylor, 512-352-6206
Kreuz Market. 619 N. Colorado St, Lockhart, 512-398-2361
Smitty's Market. 208 S. Commerce, Lockhart, 512-398-9344
City Market. 633 E. Davis St., Luling, 830-875-9019

All of these, and more, can be hit on one long tasty day trip as people have done.

I should try this, although it would be very rare for me to agree with the Texas Monthly in the last two decades since it transformed into the fashion and lifestyle magazine for well-off conservative Texan wannabes.

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