Thursday, August 08, 2002

Civ 3

Figured out how to do images, you have to find a site that doesn't block you using them. I really need to get my own site I can post them to and use that bandwidth instead of hijacking someone else. However, it is not like I am going to get a lot of traffic.

I now have about a dozen PDF files downloaded regarding current and recent world military force structures. I am going through them and other online stuff to create a master spreadsheet for the CIV 3 scenario I am creating.
Last night, really this AM, stayed up going through NATO forces. Leaving me really wracked this morning.

Had 2 cups of coffee (2/3rds decaf) and 2 scrambled eggs, salsa, cheese, some green beans for breakfast. Is borderline on my diet, probably somewhat over 5 grams carbo. Have been just off my diet all year with the result of no weight loss.

Saw Midway while eating breakfast. I was again most impressed with naval pilots in WW2 who fly out over the ocean to do battle in brand new unstable technology. Big ocean, small carrier landing strips, weeks of doing nothing for a few minutes of shooting and being shot at. Can see why people who were born in the 30's are called The Greatest Generation.

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