Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Well got most of laundry done. Decided to just take 5 washing machine loads. Will do linens tomorrow.

Enterprise had the best of season 1 episode on tonight. Most interesting story and had a good fit with the rest of the Star Trek universe. This is the one where they run across the heretic Vulcans who believe they can integrate their emotions with their logical side. They even smile and laugh

There was another episode also on that was typical slow and dull. One of the big problem with Enterprise is that it seems designed for people 50 and over. Slow and not kool at all.


I haven't figured out a way that works to put pictures here. I was going to have one of director Wim Wenders here but you will have to go to IMDB and imagine the small picture here.

Finally saw The Million Dollar Hotel. Interesting but slow, not American commercial at all but should have done better than it did. Probably demands too much of an American audience, you have to think and they are characters most Americans don't want to think about.

. Wim Wenders's Until the End of the World is on my top 5 greatest movies list.

Voice Over that starts the movie:
1999 was the year the Indian Nuclear Satellite went out of control. No one knew where it might land. It soared above the ozone layer like a lethal bird of prey. The whole world was alarmed... Claire couldn't care less. At the time, she was living her own nightmare. The same dream arrived each night. She was gliding over an unknown land, pleasantly at first, but then the gliding would turn into falling, the falling into panic, and then she'd wake up.

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