Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Botticelli on the internet and radio!,

Cory Doctorow has an interesting story in Salon but I think it has been squeezed down too tight. Ninety percent of the time I think stories or novels are too slack and need editing by 10% or more but I would expand 0wnz0red. There are hyperlinks to some lingo in the document.

Civilians hobbyists are launching a rocket up 60 miles. Next step is for hobbyists to launch craft into orbit.

Salon also has a good review on Ken MacLeod, one of my favorite new writers. Smart politics and SF, what more do you want? How about an excerpt? Maybe I should have uploaded this before trying to infect someone else on MacLeod at the last CLSciFiBook IHOP meeting.

My friend Carol Phillips has gone off to World Con. Arghh, I'm stuck trying to get a job. Speaking of cons, Carol recently said:
"There are other great cons. Dragon Con in Atlanta, which I have never been
to, is supposed to be wonderful and huge (20,000 attendees) and of course,
Comic Con (50,000) is turning into an SF con with a comic focus. World Con
has never gotten over 8,000,"

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