Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Teaching job search has not been going that well and I'll write about it when it goes better.

I have added a lot of stuff on my liberal ideas blog.

Long article which I doesn't convince me that Al-Quida was named after and inspired by Isaac Asimov's Foundation.

Saturday, I played Puerto Rico again, this time I came in second. I also got into a four person game of Risk 2210 finally. I decided it takes too long. I am going to juggle rules to speed up play. I think it means getting rid of the cards, except I like the nuclear weapons cards.

Sunday Pat and I went to a video meeting of the Clear Lake Fantasy and Science Fiction Book Club Group. Terrific, nice house, good company.

The videos we watched were The Sixth Sense - remains very powerful with repeated viewings, Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail - good, might as well stop watching before the ending, and Dogma - had its moments, not great. Google if you want links to the movies. Two of the videos were mine. I decided to only bring two and they would have to be fun and likely to appeal to the crowd, SF nerds. I would have also liked watching some of the other choices available. LOTR and The Crystal, the ending four story arch of Spring Farscape (the reason why I concluded Farscape was the best SF on TV), and some others.

We also took a break for eating and playing Flux - a card game. While waiting for Pat and I to get there Illuminati the board game was introduced. I have an idea - I should clean my living and dining room and have a game or video meeting here.

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