Wednesday, December 25, 2002

DesMoinesRegister -- 25,000 miles of naked travel

David Wolz - the Des Moines guy whose claim to fame is that he drives around the U.S. naked - has set a new record. During 2002, he covered more than 25,000 miles, breaking his 15,000 mile mark from last year.

So was he stopped at all?

"Four times for minor violations, speeding. I got two tickets. One in New Hampshire and one in Arkansas."

And what did the cops say?

"Not much. They were curious, but once I explained what I was up to and showed them the articles that have been written about me, it was okay. The lady who pulled me over in Arkansas said: "So I pulled over the infamous naked driver." Then she wrote me a speeding ticket. That's OK. Next year I want to do 30,000 with a trip across Canada."

I forgot to ask what he does when it's time to fill the tank.

I'm researching my next hobby.

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