Monday, December 30, 2002

I have been watching in December some brilliant programing by Trio, the digital cable Canadian A&E network. They have been doing a whole month of "Brilliant but Canceled," episodes of critically acclaimed American TV series that were cancelled after brief runs. They also have some other special programming to back up the episodes. "The series include Action, The Gun, Now and Again, Profit, The Famous Teddy Z, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, TV Funhouse and The Ernie Kovacs Show."

The two big surprises were Robert Altman's "Gun" and Fox's "Action." Gun had the best actors, stories, and direction I have seen on TV on a series nobody watched. Action is a very R-rated series that even Fox ran only 8 episodes of 13 produced and kept pre-empting. FX later ran the unseen episodes and now Trio ran them all but I missed taping some.

A review of Gun.

Action - Too Controversial for Fox - Episode guide.

Slate had a dumb review of the concept (no link) while Rob Owen, Pittsburgh columnist had a smarter write-up.

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