Saturday, December 28, 2002 -- Dr. Who tops sci-fi poll

Doctor Who, whose exploits prompted a generation to hide behind their sofas in terror, has been named the greatest science fiction character of all time.

The series Buffy The Vampire Slayer proved to be the biggest hit in the poll of sci-fi and fantasy figures with four of its leading figures making the top ten.

However, it was not Buffy herself - played by Sarah Michelle Gellar - who was the highest ranked character from the show.

That honour went to cocky vampire Spike - played by James Marsters, who came second.

The complete top ten is:

1. Doctor Who.

2. Spike (from Buffy).

3. Buffy.

4. John Crichton (from Farscape).

5. Aeryn Sun (from Farscape).

6. Han Solo.

7. Willow (from Buffy).

8. Darth Vader.

9. Angel.

10. Gandalf.

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