Thursday, January 30, 2003

No formula for lasting peace

My local paper, The Pasadena Citizen, has this essay on being an Army brat as the reserve from the Houston area ships out.

Sadly, humans remain war-like creatures and have not yet found the formula for lasting peace. Thus, soldiers seem doomed to ply their trade of death and destruction.

All those years of being the son of a military man have made me no less fond of war. And yet I would enlist at the blink of an eye to defend America. I cannot begin to understand the horror and terror of fighting in a war. What I can fathom all too painfully, is the overwhelming feeling of sadness and separation when Daddy went away.

I was an Air Force brat but I am too young to really remember the times when Dad was seperated from us. We usually just moved with him around the country and once to Okinawa.

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