Saturday, February 15, 2003

Science Blog - Baby and coated aspirin may not reduce risk of stroke

Researchers collected data on aspirin dosage and formulation in the following groups of patients.

39 patients took a baby aspirin (81 mg); 56% of this patient group did not show an antiplatelet effect.

87 patients took an adult aspirin (325 mg); 28% did not show an antiplatelet effect.

40 patients took coated aspirin; 65% experienced no antiplatelet effect.

88 patients took uncoated aspirin; 25% experienced no antiplatelet effect.

This study indicates that adult aspirin produces more blood-thinning results than baby and/or coated aspirin. Results also suggest that age and gender play a role in a person's response to aspirin. Preliminary analyses show that aspirin was less effective at thinning blood in older patients and is more effective among women than men.

Baby or coated aspirin had previously been recommended to avoid aspirin side effects, that may be out now.

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