Monday, March 03, 2003

Bubble Tea or Me?

I had missed the Houston Press reviewing Taiwan's Tapioca Attack a month ago.

I had invited Robb Walsh to check out the Thai fast food and the tea and vegetarian ice cream places on Bellaire and it looks like he did. He tied it into a look at both bubble tea going mainstream and the reverse McDonaldsization of Houston. His invasion of the foreign fast food franchises reviews three new concepts in Houston now.

He describes the place I was looking for recently with my brother although it has changed names.

Saturday Night after Bennigen's the SF Book Group went to T-Something-or-other, another Asian place off of Beltway 8 and Sabo in Southeast Houston.

Robb said "As I sip the liquid, I watch the line of tapioca balls come up the straw and then feel them ricocheting off the back of my palate. Suddenly my mouth is full of them. "Caution: Drink carefully to avoid choking on the boba!" reads a warning on the side of the cup. "Boba" is the Chinese nickname for the tapioca balls; it's also slang for big breasts."

Funny, we were discussing that the black tapioca looked like sucking fish eyes, or perhaps something else, as Cherie's tea and tapioca was topped off with a lot of cream or milk. She was sucking something lumpy and watery cream-colored through a thick straw. She was wearing thin and elegant black gloves it was so cold outside. Hmmmm. For some odd reason I thought it was attractive and kinky. I started to stroke her hands and tell her that. She took her hands away and took off her gloves.

On even sadder news, I notice that Zagat's now is subscriber based. I've also noticed that 1.) I need to add a search engine to this blog and 2.) the archives look a little messed up. I was trying to find my earlier reviews of Thai Spice Fast Food and tapioca green tea and couldn't. Regular Google couldn't find it but I already knew there were problems with it searching my archives.

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