Saturday, April 26, 2003

Good First Meeting

of Houston Inner Loop Science Fiction Fantasy and Other used book and other media sharing dinner group. A wide variety of people and attendence was 13, a good turnout for a first meeting. The restaurant was good. Roasted garlic as one of the free fixin's available.

I borrowed an unknown to me Van Vogt, a couple of magazines and a book of fantasy short stories. I don't think I mentioned that Van Vogt wrote his stories in an odd way. He dreamed them and would wake up and write and would go back to sleep for the next section. The surprising thing is not that they are odd but they are not more odd. I loaned out The Gospel According to Phillip K. Dick DVD and a video tape of 7 Coupling's and another book.

The most wanted book couldn't get shared - The Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy 2 as the owner wasn't there. Amazon owes me a gift certificate, maybe I can use that.

I had a reminder of the Saturday Morning Ritual Breakfast group if I can get up in time. Considering how late I am posting this, not likely.

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