Wednesday, June 18, 2003

H-Town bloggers have an active schedule right now:

Important Dates for their site.

:: JUNE 18th @ 7 PM (Wed.) Tonight!
- International Blog Meetup Day at Brian O'Neill's (5555 Morningside Dr.)

:: JUNE 21st @ 8 PM (Sat.)
Coffee Corner Mike's a cappella group, Lager Rhythms performs at Anderson Fair (Their site has a map to their location)

:: JULY 9th, 7-10 PM (Wed.)
- First run of the card game 1000 Blank White Cards. Curious? Then join us at Kenny J's Coffeehouse (corner of Nasa Rd. 1 and Kirby).

1000 Blank White Cards is relately to Fluxx which I played a couple times last year. Each turn you draw and play cards which change the rules of the game. Same thing with 1000 blank white cards, but you create the rules.

I would like them all but I don't know if I'll go tonight or Saturday and the 9th is too far off.

I have been busy helping with a a new scenario: World 2003 for Civ 3 PTW lately.

I am still Left-Liberal with a personal self-governmnet score of 90% an economic self-goverment of 40%.

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