Wednesday, June 11, 2003


Well, I drove Pat to the airport and agreed to take care of her cats. Since they are down to three from a peak of fifteen years ago and I had recently taken care of my sister and parents animals it was hard to say no. That wasn't too bad. I did stop at Fry's after dropping her at the airport and get the new Pyro Cakewalk Music software - which is not working - it won't rip songs from CDs and the label maker from another company hangs up when trying to load.

While she was gone, I drove Jim and Amy up to my Dad's for a couple of days. The cats only need feeding every other day. We didn't do much. Going there I stopped at Sonic and Sonic had their huge Route 44 limeade with strawberries for 81 cents including tax. We went out to a real good BBQ by Trinity and when leaving a good place for catfish near Huntsville.

His hot tub at Trinity is too shallow and the holes for the bubble jets are too big. Jim, Amy and I played minature golf. I was one behind my brother until he had a hole-in-one on the last hole. That was fun, I couldn't find my Dad's putter so we were playing with a six iron or a wedge. Jim is also left handed and my Dad isn't which I thought was a fair handicap. Spend hours at his house at Seven Coves on the way back trying to figure out why his computer wouldn't open the control panel and then discovered other problems - most of his virus software wouldn't work, on the internet he could not leave his home site, generally slow. Bugbear.

I left saying I would look into corrective actions at home. After dropping Jim and Amy home I went to 1/4 price books with my 20% off card and also dropped over to BookStop which is not nearly as good as it was years ago. I am still protesting $25 for a discount card so I don't go to any B&N stores as much anymore. Bookstop used to be a discount bookstore without the card.

I looked up and tested out the Bugbear fix for Dad and called him. He had got internet working. I found Blogger was mostly down for a couple additional days. Called him back, he says control panel and some of Mcafee virus checking still not working but is not a big deal. I am gonna have to go up Sunday and run the fix again and then do a reinstall of the operating system. Just reinstalling the format file for the control panel didn't work when I was up earlier.

Friday - Sunday I should have been at San Con game con but I just didn't feel like it. Or I could have gone to see Core and the Saturday book club meeting at Fuddruckers. I didn't feel well and curled up with new books and caught up on my news blogger. I have also been helping on this world military situation scenario with some people. I'm supposed to update my links on 3 of these blogs now. They have a contest and will give free game software to people who look up what things cost, like an airport or an entertainment center or a religious center.

Picked Pat up at the airport and paid some bills, my landlord was going to give me a $10 a month incentive to stay from their normal one year rate but her boss had nixed that idea.

Best thing recently was going to the Mucky Duck Tuesday night and having their salad and poppers while listening to Emily Dugas. Great voice and she sang mostly a cappella or with a hand held small drum. Kevin (?????) accompanied her on bass sometimes. She did have a guitar for two songs.

She had big announcements, she had just turned "almost 30" and was pregnant. One of the songs is now in my poetry section.

Send Me to Glory in a Glad Bag

People tell me that I ought to save my money
So that I could be laid away in style,
In a walnut box with all the fancy trimmin's
Vacuum sealed to keep me fresh a while.

cho. But Send me to Glory in a glad bag.
Don't waste a fancy coffin on my bones.
Just put me out on the curb next Tuesday
Let the sanitation union bear me home.

She had played a song based on Stephen Kings Firestarter which is a SF connection, logical since I heard about this performance at the Inner Loop SF Book Club. A big variety of songs; I really like Hold On a spiritual I had never heard - You can’t plow straight an’ keep a-lookin’ back I can't find an online source with her lyrics which is almost expected with some folk songs and spirituals. Still a good time, the irish coffee with chocolate didn't hurt either.

After the performances she offered a chance to sign up on her mailing list but she needs a website. She was the only artist headlining at the Mucky Duck without one.

The Mucky Duck is like that hidden lake where I used to live in Pasadena. For years, twice, I lived within walking distance but it is hidden and I didn't know where it was.

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