Thursday, July 17, 2003

This and That

Some problems with Google mentioned in Digging for Googleholes.

1. If you're searching for something that can be sold online, Google's top results skew very heavily toward stores, and away from general information.

2. Categories that don't have central, well-known sites devoted to them will fare poorly when they share a keyword with other categories - Apple computer or apples?

3. Books aren't online, articles are which slants research/ Similarly sites that block links to archives lose authority.

There was a study in Pasadena on library usage. The results were that just among people with library cards the library returns more value than the taxes paid for it. To the tune of $1.20 in benefits for every tax dollar they invest. This understates the value because of non-card holder benefits and the value of attributes without a direct immediate monetary value.

It's nice going into Houston just to talk to some normal people who can't stand Bush. I went to a Democratic Meetup at Taco Milagro. There are book meetups and clubs I go to as well.

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