Monday, December 01, 2003

Pat took me out to a new Gabby's BBQ Sunday night.

She had coupons. Was a new model for them - cafeteria style. I realized it was the only time I had red meat in November. It was only OK. I had pork ribs and lean brisket. Pat had beef ribs and pork ribs. We split the vegetables, coleslaw, squash, green beans, and fried okra. I only had two fried okra pieces. I had a slice of wheat bread and some pico de gallo, too. Water to drink. If it was a little off my diet because of the BBQ sauce and probably too much salt and fat in the pork ribs. Squash seemed old. Green beans had bits of beef cooked with them which added no flavor and seemed pointless.

I just realized it is December 1st. Going to be a bad month.

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