Monday, December 01, 2003

This is so Cool.

Amphetadesk is a free news aggregator. It takes blurbs from blogs and news channels and displays them and you can decide if you want to click on them and go read them. It is like google news in some ways but you create what channels you want to subscribe to. With thousands of channels available, AmphetaDesk can shave hours off your day - and you'll look smart to all your friends!

I have had an RSS feed for my Liberal News Digest I generated for other people to use and at least one person does as well as offering it as a news option on his website.

I hadn't had my personal newsfeed reader until now. I found it when looking up something to read the New York Times news feeds as those have the permanent links. If you link to the normal New York Times URLs after a week they direct you to a payment for access page.

So download amphetadesk, add a few news feeds including mine and be smarter.

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