Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Go, and Sim Some More: Bustin' Out Is a Religious Experience

Bustin' Out, an update of the series' console debut, is much saucier, zeroing in on strip poker, hot tubs, and French kissing. "Free Play" mode allows you to orchestrate the lives of multiple families, but better to create one character, choosing such fundamentals as hairstyle, career path (seven to start—switch at any time), and astrological sign (sadly, sun only). The goal is to move out of Mom's and secure 10 promotions in your field, all while keeping up appearances, and per the franchise's increasingly literal capitalist lampoon, buying big-screen TVs. (Play with a friend using your memory card, or online if you have PS2.) The devil's in the details. Take a disco nap, shower, shit, and scooter to Club Rubb, grab ass, go home—mundane or fun, everything recedes into a heartbeat of flushing, snoring, and Simlish.

el - I don't sim, but I read about it.

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